Hand Crafts

I love things with a story and have been known to arrive home with a chair I’ve found on the side of the street – and I just can’t resist a car boot sale. This page is all about repurposing things and giving them a new lease of life.

painted furniture

The results add character and individuality to your home. Give them a try, pdf instruction sheets are linked to the images – but you can let your imagination run wild, all you need is the inspiration – so please credit me with having given you the idea in the first place!

... to hamper
… to hamper

a desk for my daughter
a desk for my daughter

And it isn’t just the conventional pieces that catch my eye either. These French wine boxes are sturdily made and I thought they’d make nice shelving – or bedside tables – or laundry organisers – or bathroom storage. The choice is yours!

Wine Box Shelving
Wine Box Shelving

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