Harvey-White Design handles domestic refurbishments and offers a full design consultancy for interiors. Based in South-East London I keep an eye on the trends in interior design, but prefer to offer each client an interior scheme that reflects their lifestyle, interests and the property they live in. How the space is used in a home is very important to how comfortable you feel there, so spatial planning and ‘getting the flow right’ are vital to the success of the scheme. I’m not afraid of structural changes – and have even been known to put walls back in – that may sound bizarre, but some interiors feel like they’ve been handled wrongly; I want your home to feel right!

style variations

Above all, home is the place we come back to. It is where our lives play out and where we seek comfort and quiet. It’s also where we celebrate and experience our major life events. The memories that shape our personalities take place within its walls. To feel comfortable at home is something that most people take for granted, but our health depends on the wellbeing we achieve from being at home and away from the ‘rat race’. Sometimes buildings need help to give their best and sometimes just having ideas is not enough to create what you want with your home. That’s why talking to a designer who specialises in domestic interiors can be the difference between loving your home and feeling frustrated by it. After all, making informed choices that incorporate your lifestyle when planning the way you want to use the space is what interior designers do best!

I need to get a feel for your home before I start any scheme, so the first consultation is at no cost. Without this initial visit, I can’t put a scheme together and this is your chance to say what you like – and what you don’t – about your home. Nothing is ‘too silly’ or far fetched, if it makes you happy it’s worth considering. But there are some suggestions that are impractical and I would probably advise against something that was going to compromise the space or the resale value of your home because ultimately people don’t live in the same house for as long as they did in the past and expensive alterations should be done to give you the best version of the interior possible.

sample board bedroom

I charge a design fee for every scheme done. The prices are based on the size of the room and the number of components, starting at £250 and going up to £850. This is based on the number of hours taken to get the scheme to presentation stage and includes a costing break down for the project, so you can see exactly where your money will be spent.

For project management which involves site visits and planning the works schedule with the contractors, ordering products and tracking their progress, I charge an hourly rate. This service is particularly helpful if you are new to refurbishment or work full time as it will build your confidence in the process and keep you informed of every step of the schedule. Any problems that we encounter will be fully discussed so that you are not alone in the decision making; something that can be very stressful if you are not comfortable with building works.

I work with a wonderful firm of English building contractors who have more than 30 years experience of domestic refurbishments – in fact we’ve been working together for 19 years. They are friendly and knowledgeable, well versed in dealing with local authority building inspectors and very considerate when on site. Many of them have families and understand the stress of having young children at home while the ‘workmen are in’. They have many local clients who will act as referees and most of their business comes to them by word of mouth.

Diane Harvey-white

loft conversioncreating a stud wall

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