Kaori Collection – Designers Guild

I have to admit to an enduring love of Designers Guild. It’s about the use of colour, bold and restrained at the same time. There is a cohesion to each new collection that suggests an edited approach, one that is considered and decisive. I drifted into the showroom last week for paint samples and as ever got completely sidetracked and came away inspired.


New Collections

Ever popular Emma Bridgewater – and long a favourite of mine for her sponge ware crockery – has produced a collection of wallpapers and fabrics for Sanderson. They are charming, lovely colours, pretty prints, witty pattern and also a number of quite sophisticated designs to appeal to the less country oriented. I know that the samples are available from next month, so now is the time to feast your eyes and start making plans! http://www.sanderson-uk.com/emma-bridgewater-prints-coming-soon.aspx

Emma Bridgewater at Sanderson