A Gathering of Lampshades

While on holiday in New Zealand recently we visited Mac’s Brew Bar in Wellington. The bar and restaurant is imaginatively decorated and I just loved this collection of vintage and retro lampshades grouped together.


Wimbledon Art Studios

Last week Wimbledon Art Studios had their spring Open Studios and I happened to find the work of Linda Smith.


Her canvases, in a variety of shapes and sizes play on the form of mens suits and physique. She then takes the contrast of tone between the shirt, tie and lapel and translates that to landscape and structure. Her use of colour is bold and full of contrast. I’ve come home with two of her paintings and now want more!

Hinterland 2
Hinterland 2

Luckily they have another Open Studios in November…

Kaori Collection – Designers Guild

I have to admit to an enduring love of Designers Guild. It’s about the use of colour, bold and restrained at the same time. There is a cohesion to each new collection that suggests an edited approach, one that is considered and decisive. I drifted into the showroom last week for paint samples and as ever got completely sidetracked and came away inspired.


A little bit of Painting


Not long ago I felt the need to make changes to the interior of my house. Maybe it was the idea that spring was here – or maybe it was simply that I was tired of white.

As so often happens, I am very decisive when following a brief for a client and completely overwhelmed with choice when I have to make decisions for myself.

This time though, I had been admiring the gentle sludgey green of a painted French armoire that I use to house my crockery and that set me thinking…